Sonia Aste is a Spanish comedian who’s energetic presence sparkles with passion. Her friendly personality makes the audience trust her and go with her on her gags. As comfortable in a pub full of regulars as in a corporate auditorium, she is an ideal act to book.

Whether you are looking for a stand-up gal, a character act  or a master of ceremony, Sonia will fulfil your objectives and the audience’s expectations of high-kick energy and laughter.

Sonia hosts and performs in Comedy clubs across the UK and Europe, as well as in Corporate and Charity events.


Having had more jobs than she can remember (and gotten fired from most of them), Sonia is now living her dream job as a comedian.

‘At work I was always criticized for goofing around and having a laugh. It’s great that I can now do it for a living.’

Sonia is an Engineer, has a Harvard MBA, speaks four languages and is a certified Toastmaster. These impressive credentials have not helped her comedy career as much as doing the splits and double back summersaults, which she sometimes finishes with a one hand cartwheel.