Comedy Industry

‘Sonia has great confidence on stage and is able to connect very well with the audience, she is upbeat, animated and funny, a good combination’ Geoff Whiting (Mirth Control)

‘Well done to her! She did excellently Supporting Sara Pascoe.’ Paul Dunn (WCB Comedy Club)

‘She did a fab job and the crowd loved her.’ Maureen Younger (My Comedy Club)

‘She immediately demanded the audience’s attention with her look and sound, but this was no flimsy gimmick. Her material was smart and fun, and her take on the Brits allowed us to enjoy a good laugh at ourselves.’ Kerry Leigh and Hazel O’Keefe (Laughing Cows Comedy / Dulcet Sounds)

‘Maria Queen of Flamenco was a joy to behold! Sonia Aste presented a lovable and quirky character full of comedic energy.’ (Funny Girls Brighton)

‘Had the audience laughing out loud!’ Martin Mullaney (Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club)

‘Charming and very funny. The audience loved her. Supporting Jenny Eclair.’ Phil Zimmerman (No. 5 Club)

‘Her energy was fantastic, and really lifted the first half of the show.’ Jane Duffus (What The Frock! Comedy)

‘Maria Queen of Flamenco lit up the stage with her tales of the struggle a Flamenco Dancer faces. You could feel the warmth from the audience in the room towards the character and everyone was left wanting to know how Maria gets on with her quest for work.’ Amy Christer / Theatre Programmer/Producer (Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival)

‘Professional, intelligent and flexible with her delivery, Sonia has a natural stage presence and a wondrously accented persona that ensures complete mastery of her audience. A pleasure to work with and a must for any line-up.’ Dan Kington (Danny’s Comedy Club)

‘Very strong stage presence, great audience rapport and confidence.’ Isobel Matheson (Funny Women)

‘Maria Queen of Flamenco is a fantastic act. Full of energy, very well observed and as comfortable in front of a pub full of hipsters as she is in a theatre full of private school parents.’ Russ Powell (Russ Powell Comedy)

‘Sonia Aste as ‘Maria, Queen of Flamenco’ strutted on stage and won round the audience with some cracking lines and a winning personality. She received many very positive comments from the very happy punters. She will be back very soon Ole!’ Richard Minnis (Out of Bounds Comedy)

‘One of the few performers who cheers me up the second I see her. When I turn up to a show and she’s there I feel warmth and happiness. She goes on bold adventures and can light up any room.’ Steve Roe (Hoopla)

‘Radiant, delightful and extremely funny.’ Martin Besserman (Monkey Business Comedy)

‘Sonia was fantastic compering our night. All our nights are good but last night was one of the really great ones. I loved the way she ran the evening and kept up such brilliant energy for the entire evening.’ Pete Gee (Havana Laughs)

‘Sonia has a strong presence in the room and is much more confident than many newer comedians, this makes the audience trust her and go with her on the gags. She seems an ideal MC and a good act all round.’ Geoff Whiting (Mirth Control)

‘As MC, Sonia makes the whole audience part of the show. She is engaging, funny and full of energy’. David T Jones PhD, (Comedy Trainer)

‘She is a little ball of fun on stage.’ Lev Konstantinovskiy (Russian Clown).


‘Her act is different, fresh and funnily outrageous! It brought loads of laughter and her original improvise interaction with the audience was fantastic!! It takes a lot of creativity, observation and talent to make a group of bankers laugh so hard.’ Ana Joli (Standard Chartered Bank)

‘A great performance, I hope to see her on TV one day.’ Rita Payne, President Commonwealth Journalists Association (Asian Affairs Magazine)

‘Genuinely hilarious combination of a workshy ingrate and a Modigliani painting, with perfectly tailored audience participation.’ Lucy Carter (SS CEO)

‘She hit us with a blend of fierce Spanish pride, dubious morality, sharp satire, and cracking delivery that made her the runaway hit of the night. This act is delightfully funny in a way that reminds you what good comedy really is. Bravo!’ Roger Bennett, Organiser, (IT Comedy Bytes, “The Stand-Up Event in the IT Calendar”)


‘Sonia has a unique talent of engaging with the audience while still making the comedians the centre of the attention. She is a knowledgeable, seasoned show host.’ Ruihua Wang Linklaters LLP SHELTER

‘As MC she was great. The audience loved her & we raised £ for our charity event 🙂 Amy-Jane Cahalane, Marketing & Events, MOVEMBER.

‘There’s something about her that has people grinning from ear to ear, she’s off kilter, she’s different, she’s funny! She had everyone crying. Seriously crying – it was spontaneous and heckle some but that is the best comedy. I thoroughly recommend anyone to try her out, she is certainly going places; she is too good not to.’ Gloria Morrison – Campaign Coordinator JENGbA

‘Sonia performed at a ‘family friendly’ charity show attended by children & parents. Sonia’s character is a fabulous family friendly act that kept the audience engaged and laughing throughout – perfect for the occasion.’  Pete Jee – Charity Coordinator,  BIG BENEFIT GIGS.

‘Sonia is engaging, witty and funny! I had audience members coming up to me to say things like amazing, fantastically funny, brilliant stuff, “best I’ve heard, take it on the road!’ Vaughan Evans – President Toastmaster International Club.

‘Reminded me of an assorted box of chocolates. Sweet and inviting on the outside yet full of funny, spicy anecdotes. This woman is funny.’ A. Klimatis, Round Table.


‘Had the audience in stitches, hilarious and imaginative … amazed at the ability to ad lib at the drop of a hat.’ RT TIMES.

‘The show was excellently compered by Spanish comedian Sonia Aste, with funny audience banter of the friendly, non-threatening sort audiences enjoy most. This meant the audience was comfortable engaging with her and had little fear of being embarrassed.’ Tiemotalkofthetown



Winner – Comedy Ladder (twice winner)

Winner – Cheltenham’s Comedy Newcomer of the Year Award

Finalist – What The Frock Comedy Awards


Winner – Tall Tales Contest – TMI – Actor’s Studio

Finalist – Comedy Virgins Max Turner Prize

Finalist – Reading Comedy New Act of the Year


Finalist – Leicester Theatre New Comedian of the Year

Runner Up –  Humorous Speech Contest -Toastmaster’s International

Finalist – Business Speaker of the Year (Speaker’s Guild)