Sprinkle of Spanish summer .. shimmering performance … the perfect anti-Brexit peace-cry.’ ★★★★ – Mumble Comedy

‘Fans, football, folklore and family, it’s an uplifting, hilarious show about UK/Spanish connections.’ ★★★★★ –DailyInfo 

‘A ‘tapas menu’ of comedy delight! Creates a connection in a way that is both charming and personable.’ ★★★ – BroadwayBaby

‘Had the audience in stitches, hilarious and imaginative … amazed at the ability to ad lib at the drop of a hat.’ RT TIMES


‘Her act is different, fresh and funnily outrageous! It brought loads of laughter and her original improvise interaction with the audience was fantastic!! It takes a lot of creativity, observation and talent to make a group of bankers laugh so hard.’ A. Joli (Standard Chartered Bank)

‘A great performance, I hope to see her on TV one day.’ Rita Payne, President Commonwealth Journalists Association (Asian Affairs Magazine)

‘Genuinely hilarious! Perfectly tailored audience participation.’ Lucy Carter (SS CEO)

‘She hit us with a blend of fierce Spanish pride,  sharp satire, and cracking delivery that made her the runaway hit of the night. Delightfully funny in a way that reminds you what good comedy really is. Bravo!’ Roger Bennett, (IT Comedy Bytes, “The Stand-Up Event in the IT Calendar”)

Charity & Non Profit

‘A unique talent of engaging with the audience and making them laugh effortlessly. Brilliant seasoned act’ – R. Wang SHELTER

‘She’s off kilter, she’s different, she’s funny! She had everyone crying. Seriously crying – she is certainly going places; she is too good not to.’ – Gloria Morrison JENGbA

‘She used humour in way that the entire audience could relate. That was powerful!’ – Marc Brown Toastmaster International World Champion.

‘Reminded me of an assorted box of chocolates. Sweet and inviting on the outside yet full of funny, spicy anecdotes. Hilarious.’ – A Marley Round Table.

‘She knows how to get a comedy party started with near knuckle innuendos, lively interaction and superb jokes. We loved it!’ Diane Bracknell Townswomen’s Guild

Comedy Industry  

‘Hilariously funny. Everyone was left wanting more.’ Producer Theatre YMCA Leicester Comedy Festival

‘Sold out and turning people away! We plan to ask her back every year.’ Producer Oxford Comedy Festival 

‘Brilliantly funny and engaging – a real crowd pleaser.’ Producer Comedy Tent – Citadel Festival

‘Warm and funny with some great gags. Comedy with a twist.’ Producer Hastings Comedy Festival

‘Immediately demanded the audience’s attention with her jokes and colourful gags. Her take on the Brits allowed us to enjoy a good laugh at ourselves.’ Producer Manchester Comedy Festival