‘Hilariously funny. Everyone was left wanting more.’ Theatre YMCA (Leicester Comedy Festival)

‘Charming and very funny. The audience loved her.’ Phil Zimmerman (No. 5 Club)

‘A fantastic act! Full of energy, as comfortable in front of a pub full of hipsters as she is in a theatre full of private school parents.’ Russ Powell (Russ Powell Comedy)

‘Immediately demanded the audience’s attention with her jokes, her material was smart and fun, and her take on the Brits allowed us to enjoy a good laugh at ourselves.’ Hazel O’Keefe (Laughing Cows Comedy)

‘A  joy to behold! A lovable and quirky character full of comedic energy.’ (Funny Girls Brighton)

‘Had the audience laughing out loud!’ Martin Mullaney (Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club)

‘Won round the audience with cracking lines and a winning personality.’ Richard Minnis (Out of Bounds Comedy)