Post Corona News

Post Corona News 

Wondering what the future will look like? Could be a laugh.  

This is Sonia Aste reporting LIVE! From the future!

Covid-19 is officially over. No need to worry about the virus killing off humanity, now it’s back to nuclear weapons, terrorist attacks and hate crimes.

No more Corona fever! Although there are still fevers out there, like hay fever, spring fever, Saturday Night Fever, 

♫ … night, fever night feveeer … ♫

That song alone is reported to produce a slow and painful death.

No more two-meter rule! Joyful time for pickpockets, back stabbers and bum grabbers!

Mediterranean countries are back to hugging with passion! So much passion that sometimes group hugs turn into orgies.

Meanwhile in the UK, Brits are delighted to be back to keeping 10 meters distance from each other. As one man from Leatherhead said, ‘The two-meter rule was too close and infringed in our personal space’.

Track & Trace apps no longer needed but still in use to avoid unpleasant encounters with boring relatives and annoying neighbors.


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just published his bestselling book, ‘The Life Changing Magic of Getting Away with Everything’. He freely admits discarding all the information that does not bring him joy. Marie Kondo to seek compensation for breach of copyright.

Dominic Cummings is now a tour guide at Barnard Castle and Keir Starmer works in a nudist camp, he’s finally showing some b*lls.

In the US Donald Trump launches his presidential campaign, ‘Orange Lives Matter’, and promises to ‘Make America Fake Again!’


Social media replaces ‘thumbs up’ and ‘thumbs down’ with everyone’s favorite ‘the middle finger’.

Zoom’s latest upgrade shows the whole body, confirming everyone’s suspicion that most zoomers are half naked.

Ted Talks rebranded ‘Fed Up with these Self-Righteous Talks’.


UK is hit by a Cadbury Flake shortage, Brexiteers claim it’s #FlakeNews.

Things turn bitter Brexsweet as lorry driver shortage threatens Haribo sweets. It could be  POLO-rizing.


Amazon’s Jeff Bezos buys the world.

And it’s back to live office meetings, which are no different from zoom meetings. Everyone is on mute and the manager talks non-stop for five hours.

Protests continue on climate change, human rights, statues’ rights, parents’ rights (not to home school), teachers rights (not to care), ban decaf forever rights, the right to be right and the right to protest.

Protesting is now a paid profession. If you don’t agree, go ahead and protest.


A new illness is sweeping through the nation, it’s called CORONA NOSTALGIA:

  • When we could drink, stuff ourselves with food and spend money like there was no tomorrow (because there might not have been a tomorrow).
  • When couch potatoes were considered thoughtful and heroic, now we are back to being lazy slobs.
  • When drinking alone was thought to be conscientious and considerate, today we’re just drunk losers without any friends.
  • Thanks to the vaccine’s success we can now do things we never really wanted to do in the first place. Like ‘Taking it to the Next Level’, when we can’t even cope with this one!

To combat this worrying trend the government has declared the 23rd of March as ‘Lockdown Remembrance Day’. Staying at home will be mandatory and ‘Taking it to the Next Level’ a criminal offense.

Furlough to be extended to … forever in the hope everyone forgets the #StaySafe and instead adopts #StayHappy. 

This has been Post Corona News. 

Sonia Aste is an engineer, writer & comedian who fears Corona Nostalgia.

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  1. Now we know what the future will look like Sonia! 😂It’s clearly going to be a great big laugh!😂 Enough of this Corona nostalgia. Go ahead and make Corona a beer again!

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