‘A bundle of energy with witty jokes that kept the crowd laughing and engaged! A joy to work with before, during and after a show.’ – Jonathan Mann,  The Children’s Society

‘A unique talent of engaging with the audience and making them laugh effortlessly. Brilliant seasoned act’ – R. Wang, SHELTER

‘She’s off kilter, she’s different, she’s funny! She had everyone crying. Seriously crying – she is certainly going places; she is too good not to.’ – Gloria Morrison, JENGbA

‘She used humour in way that the entire audience could relate. That was powerful!’ – Marc Brown, Toastmaster International World Champion

‘Reminded me of an assorted box of chocolates. Sweet and inviting on the outside yet full of funny, spicy anecdotes. Hilarious.’ – A Marley, Round Table.

‘Gets the comedy party started with near knuckle innuendos, lively interaction and superb jokes. We loved her!’ Diane Bracknell, Townswomen’s Guild